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Audi hospitality in New Zealand

My local Audi dealer rang me a few weeks ago and invited my wife and I
to a premier ballet event with overnight accomodation at a top hotel. 

As the date was my balletophile wife's birthday it took less than 1 second 
to accept!

The New Zealand Audi importer (European Motor Distributors) is the main
sponsor for the current season of the Royal NZ Ballet.

They really laid it on - free flowing genuine French champers before, during
and after the show with an excellent supper to follow.

The hotel was one of Auckland's finest and a top international tourist class
room - full breakfast the next morning included.

Even the return trip home the next morning was purpose designed to demonstrate
quattro superiority - one of the heaviest rain storms seen in ages - they must
have invoked the Audi gods!

Over the last 12 years we have bought no fewer than 8 new GM vehicles with no
sign of any such hospitality. The pity is that this car is of such quality
the temptation to change won't be anywhere as strong as with the GM cars!

Well done Audi NZ!!

Greg Spark                  '96 A4 1.8Tq                
sparkg@wave.co.nz           MTM 187hp
Hamilton, New Zealand