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Re: Someone in Manchester NH?

In a message dated 96-12-01 16:04:31 EST, mx@snet.com (Bob D'Amato) writes:

<< Saw an ad for an "Audi Quattro" that was lightly hit in the nose, for 
 $2000, drives OK. Its at a place called Maple Street Car Co. 518 Silver 
 Anyone know of this car? Thanks! >>

Don't know that car in particular, but I have dealt with Max at Maple St
before. It's a generic spot that sells rebuildables.They do a bit of volume,
so that car's probably low on their priority list. I know Max has had a 4000q
as a daily driver for a few years now....'course he also didn't want to buy
rear calipers for it, so he cut the lines and plugged 'em!

Different strokes for different folks...

I can look it over for when I get back in NH if you'd like.

-Chris Semple
remote from Denver CO
'83 Vw Quantum Wagon 1.8L