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4KSQ Color Choices

I know this thread dates from last week, but I didn't get a chance to
check my '85 through '87 4000 series sales catalogs until the weekend.

The '85 catalog lists four colors available for the 4KSQ:  Tornado Red,
Alpine White, Zermatt Silver and Graphite Metallic.  Two shade of blue
are shown:  Copenhagen Blue (dark, non-metallic) and Sapphire
Metallic (light, silvery).  Both are listed as available on other models, i.e.
4KS and Coupe GT, which share the catalog.

The color chart in the '86 catalog includes all the above colors plus
Oceanic Blue, a medium-dark metallic.  Unlike '85, the '86 chart does
not specify which colors are available on which models.

The '87 catalog once again links colors to models.  Choices for the
4KCSQ include Tornado Red, Alpine White, Zermatt Silver, Satin Black
Metallic and Sapphire Metallic.

I'm not at all surprised to hear of Oceanic Blue '85 4KSQs and other
unlisted variations.  As a long-time collector of automotive sales
literature, I've learned to regard their contents as guides, not gospel. 
Personally, I've never encountered a blue 4KQ , any year any shade.  Of
the four colors I've seen, Graphite Metallic/Satin Black Metallic have
been the scarcest.  Red, white and silver cars appear in approximately
equal numbers, at least in this neck of the woods.   

Incidentally, the published weight of the 4KQ is 2824 pounds all three
years.  Non-Qs weigh in at 2337 pounds.

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ (Zermatt Silver)
'89 Ford F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28