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Re: Interesting Car for Sale

        Make:   NSU/Audi
        Model:  RO-80
        Year:   early '70's? (he said but I missed it)
        Engine: 987 cc
                2 rotor Wankel
        Other Stuff:
        He shipped the car over from Austria when he immigrated to
        Canada.  It's in "great condition" and he's looking for a "good home"
        (his words) for it with someone who knows and cares about its value
        and history.  Price is "negotiable".

Pros: Great-looking cars, made from (?)1968 to 1977. Design still
modern-looking, with a few updates it could be a current model. I'd love
one, I think it's an all-time design classic. Best looking with the Fuchs

Cons: these cars had a rep for eating engines- rotor tips self-destructed
within 10K km. NSU honored warranty claims until they almost went bust.
Most are by now well and truly fixed. Horrendous fuel consumption, when you
use the performance available.

Trivia: when two Ro80-owners met each other, they flashed the headlights.
Two flashes for second engine, three flashes...

1988 80 1.8S (spiritual NSU)

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