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? for Hakka users

Hi there.
Just back from the long weekend and cleaning up the mail, so please excuse
me if this has been addressed.  
For whatever reason, the mail-order guys love to sell the Pirelli P210.
Their reputation is good, and I've heard that the "ice" version is very
good.  Auto Motor und Sport had a review of the new Pirelli Asimetrico snow
tire, and it looks to be downright great (also a good pic of a Ford rally
car with water up over its doors -- Human?).

I ordered the Michelin X M&S 330, and so far I like them.  The weather here
in the upper Connecticut River Valley has covered all of the bases, and the
tires worked in slushy snow, driving rain, hard-pack, and ice.  They're
actually no worse than the crap Goodyear GA's that came with the car on dry
pavement.  As an added bonus, they're available in 55 and 50 series aspect
ratios for those who need them (as are the Pirellis).

As far as the traction controll issue goes, here's my $.02.
My VR6 GTI, with the above mentioned tires got me up my ice-covered, up-hill
drive last night in the rain.  If the traction controll with good snows can
get me up a wet ice hill, then I'd say it works pretty well.  NB:  the TC
system on the GTI is (I believe) the ABS/braking type, and not the fancy
Saab style TC.

That's all.


>From: Avrum Belzer <apb4419@mail.idt.net>
>Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 15:15:57 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: ? for Hakka users
>I am suffering the agony of to many choices.  I hope some of you can help.
>I have a S6 wagon for which I need boots.  I live in the Boston area but
>drive on the highway a fair amount in the winter.  How is the performance of
>the Hakkas in the dry and/or at speed?  Would you recommend then for urban
>use albeit in a high snow area?  Two tire people who sounded as though they
>were knew what they were talking about have pitched Pirelli P210s to me.
>Any comment?  TIA for all info.  Y'all are the best resource I have seen.
>Avrum Belzer
>'95.5 S6

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