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Radio static & wagon stuff

At least one other lister (Huw Powell) has the same problem I do:  static
between the rear defroster and the radio.

I installed an aftermarket radio (Blaupunkt Frankfurt -- RDS, CD, traffic
advisory, etc) and a new antenna.  The improved reception from the new antenna
only made me realize that whenever I turned on my rear defroster I get static in
the radio.

I only get static through the radio, not when I listen to a CD or tape.  I don't
think it's my install, because I used to get it in the old, factory set-up.
I've tried just about every sensible and non-sensical solution to rid my car of
the static -- including wiring the rear defroster direct to the battery,
bypassing all switches and wiring.  I still got the static.

The only partial solution I have come up with (at Todd Candey's suggestion) is
to remove the connection from the coax wire casing and wire this to a different
ground.  This works only until I plug the power to the amp back in.  If the amp
is powered, I get static.  If the coax connects to the antenna base, I get

All of these "adventures in audio" were not entirely unworthwhile, even though
the basic problem remains: 

Wagon (Avant) owners are not immune from the "broken harness at the hinge"
syndrome.  Mine was limited to the rear deck light though -- grounded by body
contact, still functional prior to surgery.

The rear defroster does not have it's own ground line.  It goes out of the
defroster, through the hinge, 3/4 the way around the rear hatch, then is
"meshed" with every other ground from the tailgate.  I sure am glad Audi saved
two feet of wire and a crimp-on fastener.  I wouldn't want what is arguably the
highest draw circuit to have it's own connection.

According to the Bentley, the rubber gasket on the rear tailgate is structural
-- it maintains the spacing between the glass and the tailgate.  Removing it
means you "should" have the glass remounted.

Owners of '91 wagons with a VIN of around 8846 might want to be aware of a new
rattle source:  It seems the man/machine that was supposed to stick the plastic
snaps behind the right rear panel was not on the job that day.  Mine had none
out of three installed.  $3 later and one of those faint "somewhere behind my
shoulder" rattles was gone.

I did my good deed for the day and helped out a fellow Audi owner:  he ran out
of gas at the stop light in front me.  He asked about my car and my "american
style gas can with the spout built into it".   Maybe the Audi gods will smile on

Joe Yakubik