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Night Flaming

In message <961202200700_75363.2524_EHI152-1@CompuServe.COM> Joe Yakubik writes:

> Agreement w/ Scott, recommended reading:  The Hella catalog on voltage vs
> bulb rating vs light output.

Remember that Hella are trying to sell you add-on lights - their agenda
is set against describing good solutions using standard reflectors.

> In the UK the turns are often marked by where there's fresh growth
> in the hedgerows from the last guy to miss the turn.

LOL.  Yes, that's something I _do_ look out for.

There are clues.  We have catseyes in Northamptonshire and

> There are actually trucks that could have been designed by Dr. Seuss
> that drive along and wash these.

I don't know Dr Seuss - but I do know the trucks.  They're so short and
high they're almost cubes.

> The 55w euro lights, correctly aimed by the Hella machine and with
> clean lenses are barely adequate for the task.

I disagree, BTW, with the Hella machine.  I think it sets the right low
too high.

> On some of the roads Phil drives on (B6047 and environs, BTDT) you run
> out of road before you run out of headlight.

Roads quattros were built for.  Roads utterly unsuitable for cupholders.

      "If there ain't no lateral gee, you're stationary."

> Remember, most european countries inspect the cars every so often --
> "trick" switches must be exactly that.  The TUV (sorry, no umlaut) is
> not exactly forgiving.

ROF,L.  I don't have _that_ problem, thank God.  My MOT test is done by
the same people that fitted the wiring harness.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club