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Need 5ktqw Springs

Can anyone offer advice and/or parts?

My 1988 5ktq wagon rides a little rough over short sharp bumps. It pulls
slightly toward low spots in the road as if the spring is not pushing
the wheel down fast enough. The front end does not rebound back up to
the same height eack time when bounced at rest. It behaved this way with
the OE shocks, was worse with BOGE gas, and is still not right with
KYB's. All bushings are fairly new and alignment is in spec. 

Steering is perfectly tight and accurate, and fast mountain driving is a
blast with D40M2's on 7in Fuchs. The IA kit just installed has made this
an ultimate car, if only it wasn't a little bumpy.

I suspect that the front springs may have lost some of their resilience
and are causing the problem. Anybody have similar experience or advice
on how to restore the ride smoothness?

It seems that aftermarket springs all lower the car, which I don't want
to do, and the dealer price for new springs is outrageous.

Does anyone on the list know of a source for standard height aftermarket
springs or have a pair of surplus front springs (to sell) from this type
of car?

Thanks for any and all advice or comments.

Gil Ceniceros
88 5kcstqw
87 5ksw
Now residing in, and enjoying
Ojai, CA