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Re: Descending Icy Hills

Growing up in Chicago, I was always taught, that with front wheel drive cars,
it is not a good idea to decellerate (take your foot off the gas) when going
down hill in bad conditions.  This causes the back wheels to have less
braking resistance than the front.  Like having a car with only front brakes.
 What will probably happen is your rear end will spin or pass you up.  This
actually happened to my brother during a rain storm with a narrow-tired
Datsun going downhill.  

I was taught to :      1 >  Keep equal speed with the accelerator pedal or
                             2  > Slightly depress the brake pedal.

I would think that with ABS, all four brakes would then have near equal

Am I right, or did I miss something ?

Steve Falk
Chicago, IL