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Re: 85 GT driver's window won't work

Anyone have any ideas on fixing this problem for less than buying a
brand-new part?  Anyone know of any sources for a used electric window
mechanism for an 85 GT?

Well, it could be either the window regulator (in the door, viel ?????)
or it could be a problem with the electrics.  The eletrics should be easy
to fix.  Depending on how it is broken, the regulator can either be fixed,
or replaced.  Instructions to fix it have been posted several times on
the list by one of the members. 

As for replacement, you might try Austin VeeDub.  They had ~12-15 Coupes
there the weekend before last (also a ton of 5K's & 4K's, couple of 80/90
models).  Their number is 1-800-282-3119.

Good luck,
'85 Coupe GT, with a $175 used replacement window reg. from Shokan  :(
Eric J. Fluhr                                Email:  ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com
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