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Re: 1.8 v. 2.8

Im patiently waiting on my Laser Red 1.8t quattro with PSP...
The 1.8 offers several advantages over the 2.8, namely 
it is a car that I can afford!!!
For years I wanted a turbo quattro, and now I get the
chance to buy a new one. I plan on keeping it for years,
just at the owners of the UR quattros and 5k, 200 turbos have done. 
As far as performance mods, the 1.8 engine is a good
starting point. With the passat using the same engine, 
will Neuspeed be joining ABT with perf mods?

So dont dismiss the 1.8t. Audi wouldnt be selling
us a lemon, would they???

Jason Palmer

Zumbrennen  Damien <zumbrenn@bvsd.k12.co.us> said...
>Although there there have been many improvements on turbo's, 
>they will still wear your engine faster than w/o them. 
>If you are looking for a car that you will keep for a
>long time, you may be better off with the 2.8 instead of
>the 1.8T. After you make chip upgrades in both, the 1.8T
>only has 4-5 hp more than the 2.8 v6,...nothing huge, but 
>because it is heavier the 2.8 would be a tad slower off the
>line. The European 30-valve 2.8 v6 is supposed to come to
>the U.S. in a few years and it would be the obvious favorite,
>but untill then the normal 2.8 is the way to go.