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Re: Night Flaming

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>> Gotta play?   Forget the bulbs....  Put amber in the fogs,
>Amber?  Even monochromatic sources are now heavily discredited, much less
absorption filters.

Are you saying I should put clear not amber fog lights under my bumper? 
(here in New Hampshire we get a lot of unpredictable foggy dales, and heavy
snow and rain conditions after sunny days).  They definitely will be
available to me with high and low both off.  I would run them with "city
lows" (bulbs in series) in all but the worst conditions, though, for other
drivers' perceptions to be accurate.

I will have 5-1/4" 130/100w H4 outside, 5-3/4" 100w H1 inside, and 5-3/4"
underneath with probably only 55w for reflected glare situations.  Amber or
Clear?  Phil, you've confused me!

IMHO: lotsa watts out front lets you see lotsa road out front.  Aim it right
and *make sure* you have a "no blinded oncoming drivers" option friends!  Oh
, and carry spare bulbs and retaining screws.
Huw Powell

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