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re: A4 delivery

>Has anyone gone through this process in the past few months, and if so, how
>long did it take from "F" status to delivery in US?

We ordered a '97 A4 around the end of August and were told 4-5 weeks. 
Not likely!  By October we were a little antsy because we had already
sold one of our cars and were trying to get by on only one car.  I don't
exactly remember what "F" status means (although I did remember the
salesman using their little coding system), but it took about 2 more
weeks from the time it was put on the boat until it was delivered in
Colorado via the Houston port.  

P.S. We had actually ordered a silver one, but a brand new cactus green
one came in 2 days earlier and we took it instead.  The new green is
extraordinary on the A4!

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