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Re: More static on static....(heavy on the prose)

I tend to go with Joe on this one.
Sure you can't think that it is alt related. If alt was the problem, then 
putting on your head lights would produces much more static. 
I have never experienced this in any of my Audis. 
If by static you mean clicking and popping noises then I would check 
conections and insulation. Defroster uses DC current, thus there should 
be no poping noises heard since the voltage is low and inductive effect of 
the defroster circuit is small unless you stick the antenna REALLY close 
to it and attempt to pick up some local Russian radio station. 
A friend of mine had this problem on Honda where a bad connection 
produced static in his stereo Turned out to be rusted out contact at the 
defroster connection with the carrier wire.