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clicking clutches

I had the clutch clicking problem and a few other things taken care of today.
Tim at Eurosport showed me the part causing the problem. The part consisted of
two black hollow plastic cylinders with one fitting inside the other (the
opposit ends are solid). There is a spring inside that keeps the pieces at
maximum length with a plastic stop that prevents the pieces of plastic from
separating from each other.

On mine, the plastic stop had broken off. He replaced it; not sure if it was
with a new one or a used one. The charge was $2.70 for the part.

The clutch pedal goes down and up quietly now. Also, the clutch judder that I
had is gone. After putting in a new clutch, the clutch would shake when going
into first and shake only a little going into second. It almost felt like it
was slipping. This has gone away now.

Michael Moy
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