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<< > Agreement w/ Scott, recommended reading:  The Hella catalog on voltage
 > bulb rating vs light output.
 Remember that Hella are trying to sell you add-on lights - their agenda
 is set against describing good solutions using standard reflectors.
Get the catalog first, Phil....   Hella and cibie makes the MAJORITY of
standard lenses and reflectors, and they are restricted by the various EC
laws as to it's execution of such.  The 100w bulb in the inner hi beam is
good, that's it.  Everything else is compromising the design limitations of
the component....  "Good solutions to standard reflectors" is taking the
lumen argument...  They also build lites for specific purposes, from your
hedgerow problem to the landing lites of the wildest of rallye cars, and just
about everything in between....Get either catalog, the details on beam
pattern and lense spread make a science of lite execution.  Good lighting is
something easy to educate yourself on...  Given the speeds I've experienced
in your neck of the woods, I would be very educated, very quickly....  Now
that the US is going to up speed limits, it's just as critical here, and we
are years behind the euro lite still...  Find a shop with a cibie aiming
machine, it is much better than the hella.....

Lumens ain't the answer