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Colour Scanner

In message <> Steve Evans writes:

> I have access to a number of scanners here at work if I speak nicely to
> the right people. If you give me a print on Thursday I can email you the
> results.

Thanks, Steve.  I had a number of kind offers from all over the globe,
but yours was the only one to give me an excuse for a pint of 6X in
the Robin Hood on Thursday.  Thank you, everyone else.

So - see you at the meeting on Thursday.  Perhaps we'll even take a
second stab at the picture.

John Coughtrie got today off work instead of tomorrow, so he's
downstairs swearing in my workshop right now.  He has the side of the
head and block stripped, the hydraulic pump and timing belt off, and
is just loosening the head bolts.  Unfortunately the workshop roof
leaks like a sieve, but at least he has light and he's out of the evil
wind.  We're feeding him soup and coffee at regular intervals, as well
as lending him occasional tools.

He plans to lift the head about 4mm.  He's loosened the camshaft
bearings so the valves are up, and he hopes to slide the old gasket
out in a few minutes.  We already know the problem is on #5 pot.

> P.S. Have you photocopied the urq wiring schematics for me yet?

No.  I'll start now.

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
  reply, your message is probably still stuck on a Demon punt.)

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