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Re: questions on buying used Audis...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nick Deutsch say:

> Steve, I don`t claim to be an expert on any of the questions you ask. 
> However, from a practical point of view, here is my 2c. worth: I own a 20 
> valve 1990 90 Q., which I believe is the top model of 90 for that year 
> with the highest hp.output at 164 horses. Acc. to my manual there are a 
> whole slew of other Audis, all 90`s, with less hp.
> Be careful: EVERYTHING (underlined) is considerably more expensive for my 
> 20 valve car, than other Audis, because there are fewer of them, so every 
> part is a ****...ing nightmare for me at the dealer.
> Keep this in mind before you make your investment, I never knew it was a 
> different fromn other "normal" Quattro,til my first service.
> Don`t get me wrong, I  love the car and the extra horses it gives me, but 
> it requires deep pockets -trust me!

Well summarized, Nick.

I own two quattros: an '89 100Q and a '90 90Q20V. Everything on the
20V is twice as expensive and half as easy to get at.

I think it's worth it, though. The car is quite fun, even if it's
a little small for me. There is plenty of power, and the suspension
is balanced pretty well.

Besides, it could be worse; it could be an Ur-Quattro :-)


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Only my cat shares my opinions, and she just Ur-q'd up a hairball.