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New A-8

This is a repeat of my reply to Jerry Beer in reponse to his A-8 sighting.
 Apparently my original E-mail did not get through.  I hope this one does.

In a message dated 96-12-02 22:34:26 EST, you write:

<< Subj:	A8 sighting
 Date:	96-12-02 22:34:26 EST
 Sender:	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
 To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
 Saw one today in West Palm Beach.  Black, with 4.2 on the back.  
 Manufacturer plate.  Going away so I couldn't give chase, but will 
 call dealer tomorrow to check.  Looks like a big and smoothed out A4. 
  Very nice form the brief glimpse.
 South F.L.A.
 91 200 STEADIA3qw(on the lookout for A8)

 Jerry et all:

Quite possible that you saw the new A-8.  I drove one here in Michigan a few
months back-- select dealers offered prospective buyers a chance to test
drive the new (albeit European spec) A-8's.  Unfortunately, I did not get a
chance to drive the 4.2 quattro version, but the fwd 3.7 instead.  

Very nice car!  For those of you who are pilots, I can only compare it to
flying, but still planted surely on the ground.  The all- aluminum (or
aluminium in the U.K.) chassis is extremely rigid, yet has a light feel,
despite the car's weight.  Incidentally, it was fairly easy to get the front
wheels to spin a little, even though it has switchable traction control
--must be because the felt the older V-8 had too long a first gear.  That was
my only complaint with the new 5-speed auto tranny, but it could probably
easily be solved with better tires.  The car was extremely quiet, too.  

Also, this car (emerald green dark metallic, I believe) had the Audi
tiptronic shift gate-- a pleasure to use, but unfortunately not available on
the first models in the U.S.A. (but I believe Igor at T.A.P. will be offering
a conversion kit).  Wish I had an extra $60K+ lying around, but my insurance
is already out of this world.  Oh, yes, even the rear headrests are
electrically height adjustable!  A friend of mine (who loves cars) said it's
the nicest car he's ever driven in, and I concur.

-Ingo Rautenberg, QCUSA
90 V-8Q 157K 
85 4KQ 130K
Bloomfield Hills, MI

(WARATAP@ aol.com)