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Wiring Diagrams

In message <32A67850.4A13@indigo.ie> George Harrison writes:

> Phil Payne wrote:

>> In message <> Steve Evans writes:

>>> P.S. Have you photocopied the urq wiring schematics for me yet?

>> No.  I'll start now.

> Would it be a hell of a job to do a copy for me too??
> Are we talking about a huge volume of stuff here?
> I'll cover whatever your costs are.
> I'm kinda on my own over here when it comes to quattro's.

I've sent this reply via the list because it might be of general

I have a copy of the factory wiring diagrams for the european versions
of the ur-quattro.

There simply _isn't_ a single diagram - the book is about three inches
thick and contains 50-odd diagrams.  The way it works is that each
model year has an index section that calls out the diagrams for the
base vehicle and each optional feature.  Essentially, you have to
assemble a wiring diagram for each car separately.

The book has a few hundred pages.  The base for each model year is
around twenty pages, plus three for the relay position diagram.

 Phil Payne

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