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 Paul_Royal writes:
>       For a little while now I've had a very low grade vibration and low
>  sound (like a little extra road/tire noise) most noticeable during right
>  hand turns
>  at speeds of 35mph and above.  I had the sound and vibration with the old
>  tires and was hoping
>  it was just one bad tire on the left front corner.  Well, it ain't.
I had a similar problem with my old '86 4000Q when it was about 4 yrs
old.  When I checked under the car, I found a crack in the rubber boot
on the front (right) constant-velocity joint on the half-shaft.  Sand/dirt 
had got in and was causing noise during hard turns (parking-lot 
maneuvers).  I tried removing/replacing the boot after flushing out 
the CVJ, and it improved but didn't cure the problem.  I decided to
trade in the car on a '90 90Q20V, so never got to replacing the half-
shaft/joint combo in the end.  Maybe you should check this on yours?

FYI-last week I bought a '97 A4Q 2.8.  By far the best yet!

-Mark Quinn