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electricals fixed! almost

Local Audi guru Greg Haymann at Autofirme diagnosed my gremlins
over the phone - he said to check the wiring at the ignition
switch, look for a melted connector.  Sure enough, the connector
at the back of the switch is melted a bit, though it still
works.  The gremlins/cutout appears when a) I jiggle the wires
a certain way and b) when my high beams are on for a while,
causing the large red wire to get VERY hot.
So the idea to add relays to my lights was a good one (haven't
done it yet, may pull an allnighter tonight to do it, 1/2 
drive to walmart for relays, etc) but I'm not sure how the
connector can be replaced.

I tried prying it off gently, but it doesn't want to move.
Does the connector slide off the back of the ignition switch,
or is it all one piece?  I wonder if the connector is available
from the dealer and how you put the wires back into it...
Perhaps I may have to take the car to Greg and let him do a 
custom splice job.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.  I'm just
glad it was so simple.

| Dan |