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Extra Guages?

Hi all, I'm new to the Quattro Digest.  I am the proud owner of a 1984
4000 S Quattro, my baby is silver with chocolate cloth interoir and 151K
miles and going strong!  This car is my first Quattro, but far from my
first VW/Audi auto.  I have had several Scirocco's and 2 Coupe GT's.  I
have found one little detail about the Quattro that disheartens me, the
lack of instrumentation.  I am very used to haveing oil press. and temp
gauges but the differential controls fill that location in my Quattro
sedan.  I saw in an ancient issue of VW $ Porsche Magazine, a niffty
little devise from ABT.  It was a new top cover for the instrument pod
that had an extension on the right hand side for a 3 gauge cluster! 
After several unsuccessful attempts to find this item locally, I thought
I would put the question out to forum, Where can I get one of these? Are
they still available?  Any info on this subject or other ideas for added
gauges would be appreciated.

thank you,
Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR