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Re: Test drove an A4 2.8 quattro

> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Jason sez>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>  > There is one thing that concerns me about the Audi.  The engine is
>  > soooo shoe-horned in there.  How does anybody do work on it.

I was in the dealer's shop the other day, and they explained to me
how the whole front metal facia on the A4 is designed to pull forward
to improve access to the engine.

They said it's in the book for 30 minutes. I said then it should
take you guys 15 minutes, right?

They laughed and said that no, when the car's are new, and AoA
is still paying, they are Optimistic in the book, then they
change the book so the shops can make their money off the customer.

I think they were kidding.