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re: tool for 4kq tranny plug

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Dan Cooke Cooke@cs.lmco.com wrote:

> >Subject: Tool for 4kq tranny plug
> >
> >Dear Audiphiles-
> >
> >Could somebody email me the size hex wrench that is necessary to change
> >the tranny and diff fluids.
> >
> >Any suggestions on sources for that large of a hew wrench?  I figure
> >is my best bet.
>  I found a quick tool for this is one of the lug bolts from your wheel and
> a 17mm open end wrench.  Put hex end of the lug bolt into the tranny plug
> and leave enough space for the open end wrench there as well... Worked for
> me.
> Dan Cooke
> '90 90Q20V
> '86 4KCSQ

An approach similar to Dan's (but requiring more work up-front)  is to cut
a lug nut in 1/2 so that you end-up with a 17mm slug. One end of the slug
is placed in the trans.  The other fits nicely into a 17mm socket.  With
this tool you can use a socket wrench to speed-up you work.  also, you
can use a torque to properly set the plug (18 ft. lbs. is the norm).

'83 urQ
bunch of 16v VWs

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