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Re: '89 200q ?'s

>my '89 200q seems a bit "squirrely" between 30mph and 65mph.  Before and
>after these speeds, she tracks real true and tight, but in this window the
>car likes to wander and tight feel goes away.  There's almost a dead spot
>in the center - just doesn't have the same response.  Could this be tire
>related or suspension related?  The tires and pretty worn Pirelli P6's and
>only the struts have been replaced at 60K - the car now has 85K.  I'm
>probably going to get some snows on it soon anyway...but has anybody else
>heard of this?  Could the steering pump or rack cause something like this?

I noticed the same after changing the tyres on my car over. My front
Pirelli P2000s were down to 3mm, so I put them on the rear and put the
former rears, P6s with 6mm tread left, on the front. Braking was a lot
better, but I also noticed the 'squirrely' feeling you describe. It's even
worse in the wet, and positively terrifying when braking from high speed on
a wet road.
I'm going for new tyres soon because of this. Strange, I can't remember
this reaction on my old Opel Kadett, which I ran on P6s for years. I
thought they were great tyres then, made the car feel like it was stuck to
the road.


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