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Re: Alternator Brush Pre-Failure Replacement

At 12:11 PM 12/5/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Last winter my blower motor ('87 5KQ-175,000 miles) behaved
>intermittantly.  It was subsequently replaced by my dealer at relatively
>significant cost (appx. $400 as I recall). When it was removed, the
>motor was in fine condition, except the carbon brushes were worn to the
>point where contact with the armature became intermittent.  No
>replacement brushes were available, only complete motor replacement.
>This winter I considered other possibilities for similar brush wear
>within the car.  As a preventive measure I ordered new alternator
>brushes from Blaufernugen (no affiliation) for $40.  When I crawled
>underneath to replace them, I discovered the originals worn to near
>failure.  The replacment installation was very simple (ignition off,
>unbolt air shroud from rear of alternator, two #2 flat-blade screws hold
>the brush/regulator assembly). 

Going to a alternator rebuild shop - you can usually fit up brushes that
will work fine for little or nothing...
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