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Re: '89 200q ?'s

Michael J. Funk wrote:
  The tires and pretty worn Pirelli P6's and

I have had a few sets of P6's over the years. They begin to handle
poorly and make noise long before the tread is gone in my experience.
You may also have some problems with alignment or suspension parts. But
get rid of the P6's and don't buy them again.

I like the Michelin XM+S 330 snow tires for winter use, great on snow
and ice, and pretty good on dry roads in cool temperatures. I'd be
interested to know how you like them if you get some.

D40M2's are awesome on a Quattro in the warmer seasons. If you try some
you will be very pleased with the directional stability and incredible
cornering power.

Gil Ceniceros
88 5ktqw
87 5ksw