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Alternator Stuph

> From: AUDIDUDI@delphi.com

> My '89 200q threw two belts within the first two months I owned it ... after
> I finally got a parts manual, I discovered there's a second bolt on the back
> of the mount that was missing.  Looking at it casually, everything certainly
> appeared to be lined up but looking at it closer, it was clear something was
> off a bit.  I've since had reason to check out a '90 200T and discovered the
> same bolt was missing on it ... given the extra work involved in fitting it,
> I have a hunch some mechanics might intentionally "forget" about it.

Interesting.  I pulled the alternator on my '90 200 because the 
bearing was about to go - and had it rebuilt locally in 1/2 day.  For 
the bearing, it cost a grand total of $36!!  BUT - I also noticed 
that there was only one bolt in the top alternator mount/pivot point 
(in my case it was the rear bolt) even though there is obviously room 
in the mount for a front bolt, and there are threads too.  I've been 
meaning to add one but keep forgetting...not a critical part one 
looks at  every day.

...  Most times replacement alternators have a larger hole in the
> upper mount that makes them prone to misalignment....  Or the 
> medal tab with the tractor adjuster is bent out/in enough to get 
> a diagnal line to the main pulley...

Another good reason why I try to avoid replacing alternators and 
starters with rebuilt units - I much prefer to have a local shop 
rebuild the one I bring in.  All the holes match and I know what I 
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