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Re: Auto tranny rebuild

From: Michael J Myers <mimyers@prairie.nodak.edu>

>I finished getting the tranny off the car yesterday, have yet to take it
>apart.  First question, is there anything that should automatically be
>replaced when rebuilding?  ('86 5K 3 sp.)  Second, the differential has
>been whining for the past year, anyone know if it is the gears on the
>differential itself, or is it the bearings that causes this whine?
>Started right after the dealer checked the fluid level.  Anyway to tell?

My 1983 Audi 100 Avant gearbox was reconditioned a couple of months ago.  It 
had been playing up for some time - stayed in first gear when cold, slipping 
clutch, snatching drive in first if any power was applied etc.  I brought it 
to a specialist auto gearbox place (MDF in Redditch) and they charged me the 
Recon of auto box   GBP210
New torque conv     GBP110
Gearbox r&r    GBP100
It came to just less than GBP500 (including tax).  I thought that was quite 

They said they could not give me a guarantee unless the torque convertor was 
replaced.  Apparently, they get contaminated with the dirty fluid and are 
impossible to clean as they are sealed units.  I think they replaced all 
seals, clutch plates and brakebands.
It came to just less than GBP500 (including tax).  I thought that was quite 

They found a broken lip on the ATF pump (the ring had fallen off).  Also the 
circlip on one of the pistons had shifted and chewed up the metal a little. 
 The governor needed a good clean out (this caused the lack of shifting when 

The car now performs really well - it feels as if it has an extra 50bhp! 
 They also replaced a driveshaft seal and a bushing on the throttle linkage 
while they were in there (at no extra cost).

Normally, they recommend reconning the diff at the same time.  In 
particular, the seal around the shaft that goes between the tranny and the 
diff is notorius for failing and the resultant mix of ATF and diff oil 
causes VERY expensive failures.  My diff was reconned a couple of years ago, 
so I took a risk and didn't get it done again.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant