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Cali impact Fees

I just got off the phone with the DMV in San Diego. This is the deal on
titling an out-of-state car in California:
  You must transfer your drivers license and registration within 30
days of establishing residency in CA. 
  If the car has a sticker on it (under the hood somewhere) that says
it's California Emissions certified by the EPA, you don't have to pay
the $300 impact fee. Otherwise get your checkbook out. (eg it doesn't
matter how 'clean' your car smogged.)
  If you are bringing in a car that you have purchased *within* 90 days
you MUST pay California sales tax on the car. (My temper now rinsing)
  When you go to the DMV to transfer the title to CA you must have a
smog certificate (that says you passed) within the last 90 days.
Having satisfied these requirements, you are free to go about your merry
way, (with a little more free space in your wallet, mind you). 
Sounds like I'll limit my search to CA for a replacement for my trusty
86. Any leads to a 200q 20v in California at a reasonable price would be
appreciated. I check the online ads everyday, but a most cars go in
various papers around the state which I don't have access to.
Hope this clears up the registration issue for whoever asked.
86 5ktq still registered in Michigan, living in Cali.