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Re: Leaking VC gasket, 9004 Xenons, Vacuum Pump "experiment"

Hi, Craig, you are asking:

>I read the subject of your last message and it says "9004 xenons"
>Do they make them??  I guess I missed the original message.  If they do make
>them, where can I get them and for how much?  I'm excited!!!
>If they don't make them, sorry for wasting your time.

I've never heard about Xe filled 9004's, it was somebody else's subject. I
have replied only to the "Leaking VC gasket" portion. Sorry.

Personally, I won't mess with 9004's at all, Xe or not. BTDT. I have tried
high power 9004's, 9007's, various driving lights (Bosch Pilot, Hella 450 and
550, Rally) etc and I keep suggesting over and over:

*go with OEM euro-H4/H1 combos!*

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
w/560w of euro H4/H1 light
'88 Fox
w/360w of euro H4 light

P.S. Someone earlier mentioned J.C.Whitney as a source of a drop-in
replacement of the DOT dual filament rectangular light assy. Yes, it's all
I've done it on my wife's Fox 2 years ago. Whitney sold me two H4 Hellas for
less than $20/ea. What a difference in lighting for only $40!