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alternator brushes/volt regulator

With the current thread on the replacement of alternator brushes, and in light
of the article in January's european car on replacement of the old voltage
regulator; I've got a question:

When did Audi, along with Bosch go to the newer electronic regulator?

The article was under Tech procedures for Volvos and has a swap from the old
on-board regulator to an electronic regulator.  It screws in and replaces the
old brushes at the same time.

I ask for one big reason:  My car exhibits a few of the symptoms described in
the article.  I have a one year old Bosch battery, that every so often goes flat
enough to not start the car.  After a jump, or the ever popular
one-man-out-of-the-garage-backwards-push-start, it runs fine for a few weeks.  I
had the battery checked and the verdict was the battery was okay, but
undercharged; I should have my charging system checked, or drive more.

Joe Yakubik
(don't try a one man push start if you are neither thin, quick, or brave -- or