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quattro center diff lock actuator ...

Someone asked me about this a couple of days ago but I can't find it 
in my archives ...

I did look at the newer 5k quattro tranny with the center diff lock 
actuator mounted on it and compared it to the older 4k quattro tranny
I have that had the center lock connected via cable.  It turns out that
the new actuator bracket mounts to the bolt that holds the shift linkage 
cover, so it should be possible to retrofit on the old tranny, and there 
is a guide for the linkage that also mounts to existing bolts.  The thing
that could cause a problem is the connection to the actuating rod coming 
out of the back of the center diff ... the older diff has a different 
connecting mechanism and it appeared that this mechanism was attached 
with a rivet rather than a bolt.  There was a boot over the rest of the 
mechanism so when I get a chance I'll check it out ... but this one de-
tail might make it very difficult to convert an urq with the lock actuator
in the back to the front.  

Perhaps there's someone out there that has actually done the mod ...

Steve Buchholz