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Re: ['87 4kq] Electrical problems - Power locks/back up light

>  Do you know of a way to test the pump to see if it still works.  I've
> checked the wiring in the door of my 4kcsq and all seems fine.  One wire at
> the plug connection tested around 12V so it's definetly getting power at the 
> door.

As I said, if you jump the outer wire in the door sender to the 
center wire, it will lock or unlock depending on which wire you
hit.  You could also disconnect the wiring at the pump and run a 
power lead to it, but you want to check the wiring as well.

| Dan | 
>  On my 90Q, the trunk lock failure was mechanical.  There is a mechanical
> thingy that slides left and right to disable/enable the push-to-open
> feature.  After freeing it up and lubricating, it seems to work fine.
> Just pop the trunk and look at the back side of the lock; have someone else
> actuate the the autolocks and watch to see if the actuator is moving (or trying
> to move).

Yes, that seems to be the problem on mine as well.  Some WD40 will
help clean it up I think.

Is there anyone who needs to know how to fix/lube the door handles
and locks on a 4kq?  My driver's rear door would not open from
the outside, so I took the handle and lock out, cleaned and lubed 
and they are good as new.  I can do a writeup if anyone needs
it but it's quite simple.

| Dan |