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Re: 200/5000T H4/H1's???

>Joe Yakubik writes:
>> Not to be too nitpickey, but Igor Kessel writes:
>> *go with OEM euro-H4/H1 combos!*
>> Igor Kessel
>> '89 200TQ
>> w/560w of euro H4/H1 light
>> Are you sure you have H4/H1 combos?  The only combo light that I could
>> by Bosch or Hella that fits in these cars is an H4/H3.

Then Phil wrote...

>The Euro combination H1/H4 lights are made by Cibie.  At least, mine were.

We are talking Type 44 cars here.  5000tq/200's not UrQ's...


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO