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Re: A4 Driveline Shudder

Stephen Pitts <excel@netnitco.net> sez:
> November 4th Autoweek has a blurb on A4 1.8T on page 7.
> They mention that the 1.8 does NOT have driveline shudder "that, upon 
> clutch engagement, often accompanies the V6-powered A4 and A6."
> Has any one experienced this?
> My V6 does have this shudder, usually when shifting from 3rd to 4th 
> gear.  Seems to happen when I shift up at lower rpms, i.e. 3-4000 vs. 
> 4-6000?

Mine has a shudder that feels more like a control system oscillating than the
mechanicals.  In fact, I posted about it shortly after I picked it up, but
got no nibbles or afirmation.

It happens in mine when I shift quickly (not overly quickly - just not
leisurely) at medium to high RPM.  Upon thinking about it, it does seem to
happen most on a 3-4 or 4-5 shift.  When I put my foot back in it after the
shift, I get this kind of slow soft shudder/surge at about 5-10Hz throughout
the car for about 1-2 seconds.  It almost feels like a turbo coming off the
wastegate and oscillating a bit.  I assume that something is trying to
control the RPM drop during the shift, and not getting out of my way fast

I guess I'll have the dealer look at it when I put it in for the scheduled
service in another 1500 miles or so.


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