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RE: Heated Winshield Squirters?

>What a bargain - $2.98 usually doesn't cover half the sales tax
>at the dealer.  Let me know what you find out. My drivers side
>one is getting a little weak -  I was going to try cleaning it,
>but for $3 I'll just buy another one

You can try cleaning it. Figured out the heated thingamajigs.

If you take the connection hose off, you'll see a little larger squirter than
the non heated squirters. It has two wires on it that look as if they should
have some kind of connection in the hood a couple inches away. They don't. 

The part that is attached to the supply hose actually has the resistor in it,
the wires go into it and are connected to spade clips. This whole assembley can
then be pulled out of the piece that is mounted in the hood, but at first look
you can't tell. 

What happen with mine was that the power lead seperated at the spade clip crimp,
then caused galvanic corosion (two dissimiliar metals with an electrical
potential between them) and it then built up inside of the pipe which feeds the
squirters (which is stainless). This pipe protrudes from the part mounted in the
hood into a bore in the elctrical portion.

It looks easy enough to clean. Take the supply line off, and carefully pull on
the nipple that the line hooks up to. I would use a pair of plier and rock it
back and forth easily. It should come out. From there, you'll see the corrosion
and build up (that looks like the stuff on a battery terminal) and you'll be
able to clean it out.



Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

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