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Thanks, all

In message <> "Linus D. Toy" writes:

> At 09:53 AM 12/10/96 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:

> >country that drives on the right.  UK 10-valve cars, however, are not fitted
> >with catalysators and need leaded petrol.  Would this be a problem if you
> >imported a car into Japan?
> >
> >The UK's 20V _is_ fitted with a catalysator and uses unleaded petrol.
> I've seen this comment a couple times now, that early '80s cars in the UK
> require leaded fuel (petrol, gasoline).  Since all cars (not necessarily
> heavier trucks, though) sold in the USA since 1980 were required to run with
> a catalyst, cars sold elsewhere (RoW) requiring leaded fuel would imply
> VW/Audi had two completely different engine (motor) production lines, one
> with hardened valve seats for N. America and something else for elsewhere.
> Phil, would you explain?

Cheerfully, as far as I can.  Catalysators are a fairly new phenomenon
here in Europe.  Leaded ("4 star") petrol is still freely available at
every filling station.  My own "MB" quattro - model year 1988 - is
designed to use leaded petrol.  I think the legal requirement to run
on unleaded fuel came in during 1990 in Europe - that is what the 20V
was developed for.

 Phil Payne

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