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Re: A3? and projector lights

>BTW I saw a picture of a tuned A3 in an Italian magazine Auto. It had the
>headlights converted into four round ones much like Abt's headlight kit
>for VW GTI's. It looked pretty cool. I wonder if they will make a kit for
>the A4 as well.
>They sell projector beam headlight conversion kits for Civic's and it
>retails for $295.00! How come we can't have something like that for our
>Audi's? Maybe if we pursuaded the makers enough.

I've got a pair of 1995 BMW 325 headlights with the lexan covers that fit 
a 5K/200 PERFECTLY And would be willing to sell them if anyone want's to 
do the conversion.  They look grat and have a great beam.  I just don't 
have the time to finish doing this conversion.  I'll let the pair go for 


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO