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Latest Radar Comparo!! (no Audi content)

Just read the latest Automobile (U.S.) magazine while I was waiting for a
prescription at the store.  Big shake-up -  the Whistler 1490 beat the
Valentine One (V1) by a few points and cost about 1/2 the price.  The models
tested were top of the line units with X, K, Ka, and Laser with all the bells
and whistles.  Others tested were the Bel model 855sti, an Escort model ?, a
Uniden Model ?, and a Cobra model ?.  They were all pretty far behind the
Whistler and the V1.   I've read quite a bit on the V1 from listers but does
anyone have this Whistler model.  I currently have the Bel 845sti and I'm
getting real sick of all the false alarms around the city (Denver).  The
Whistler scored much better in the falsing category than the Bel and the V1-
so I'm tempted to give it a shot before springing for the V1.  BTW the
comparo was done in and around Denver city limits and sounded very thorough.
Marc Weiner  EMAIL: KWeiner64@aol.com
94 S4 & 90 CQ
R.I.P. 91 200 TQ and 88 80Q