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Euro ur-q headlight mount brackets needed

Hello friends,
I am in need of some headlight mount brackets in which to
mount my euro H1/H4 headlights on my ur-q. These are the
sloped lighte from the later model cars.

The brackets I need are seen in the photograph on pg 15 in
the Dec 1996 VW/Audi car magazine. I have called numerous
places here in the US, SportWheels, Anderson Bros, Shokan,
and Igors friend in Canada.  Most can't find the brackets as
a seperate item. Kim Collins got me a price on them but doesn't
take credit cards. Tim at the Parts Dept is out of the office until
Jan 2. So I was wondering if any of our euro members could help
me out. Any cars being parted out that I could get these brackets
from for a reasonable sum?

Dave Lawson  dlawson@digitalglobe.com