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Re: Ping under full boost solved

>Much faster but the ping was still
I also have Paul's set-up and it seems to work OK, so far I only once had a
ping. Even when I ran with 87 octane I did not notice much of ping, I have
not checked lately but the last time (I checked) I was running around
15-16PSI with no ping. At present time I am using 92 octane. I did have
once a big drop in boost that I traced to a loose hose that goes to the
sensor plate boot, I clamped both sides with a clamp. Another problem I
found was a leaking deceleration valve (I replaced it). I also have a new
accordion hose and possibly will replace soon the hose at the intercooler
inlet. Lastly I also plan on installing a pressure release valve to allow
the turbo to spin freely (per Igor advice).
I hope my information helps you.
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq with 16PSI boost and 7 torque wrenches in the tool box.