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I've only been on the list for a few days, and I must say, there's a ton
of good information that gets circulated on this. Thanks. I bought my
first Quattro last May, a red 88 5ksq. I loved that car, and loved it
more when it saved me and my passenger in a pretty bad accident. No
Quattro or ABS will save you from ice. It caught me by surprise. I was
amazed by how well the car handled the impact and how snug it kept us in

Anyway, I have my replacement car, a black 87 5ksq. It seems that
anytime you buy a used Audi, it comes with at least some small problems
that need mending. One of these is what I'm guessing to be related to
the speedometer.

The problem: Particularly when the car is cold, there is a rattling
noise coming from the instrument panel that increases as I increase my
speed. After 15 or so minutes of driving and the car warmed up, the
ticking sound is still there but much less audible. The speedometer and
odometer both function fine.

I've been told that it is the speedometer cable. Another mechanic
claimed that it is the speedometer itself and quoted me some $340 to fix
it. Any ideas on this or past experience. If it is just the cable, how
easy is to fix. Can a novice, such as myself, do this repair?

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.