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Re: Multimeters

> I agree that the SunPro 7678 is a nice combination, but it has one (IMHO)
> serious flaw:  DC amperage.  It only has a 15A setting, which does not
> work if you need lower sensitivity (e.g. 10mA for fuel injection pressure
> actuator current). 
... good call Eric!  Since I don't have a car with CIS-E this has never 
been a problem for me.  I suppose that the other thing that's true is that 
you have little use for the duty cycle setting ... I guess it might be use-
ful for the idle stabilizer valve diagnostic.  Before blowing a lot of money 
on another meter you might just want to scare up the proper precision resistor 
and build a low current ammeter yourself.  

If you have more than one Audi then there is call for the SunPRO AND another 
DMM ... or an analog one [to turn this thread full circle :] ... one for 
each car.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)