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Re: <all> No Car Content...

     That billboard was one of a series of about four that Autoweek 
     featured.  As explained by Autoweek in the first issue that showed 
     one, (October 7th I believe), the billboards were an eye-catching joke 
     intended to advertise a new California magazine called "Buzz".  In 
     other words, the billboards were real, but the "Traffic School" was 
     Ed - '91 300ZX TT 

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Subject: <all>   No Car Content...
Author:  a-powell1@tamu.edu at INTERNET
Date:    12/18/96 8:16 PM

I thought I had seen it all. Until I looked in the back pages of 
Autoweek.  A defensive driving class billboard (which amused 
them...) had an outline of "the girl" used by male-obsessed truckers 
on their mudflaps...wearing a graduation mortarboard. The ad was for 
"Topless Traffic School".  Included in the ad were the phrases:
One-on-one instruction
Must be 21+
and the capper........
"A clean record is only a lap dance away".
I can only quote Linda Ellerbee.....  "And so it goes..."
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