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re: Loose Rear


So now I have my snows on.  On wet roads the back of the car feels as if it
wants to come around and it will if I provoke it.


Since this is my first winter with quattro (or any) AWD, I chalked this up for normal. Now this thread is starting to make me wonder....

I find that my '93 CSQW acts very "rear-wheel drive" like and have to watch the throttle on corners or the back end will break loose. Since I have been a front driver since the mid-80's, this behavior is a little weird to me. I am surprised that an AWD setup on an otherwise FWD car results is this. Perhaps I should look at my tires (Pirelli P200 I think) which the dealer reported as OK when I inquired about rotation, etc.

So my question is, should my quattro wagon act rear wheel drive like in its tendency to oversteer?

Eric Billing
Eagan, MN

'93 100 CSQW
'91 Accord EX