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Re: Direction for replacing mult functon switch

At 07:28 AM 1/6/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I looked through the archives but couldn't find directions for 
>replacing this. I understand its all of five minutes.  Do I need to be 
>concerned about spewing coolant?  Appreciate any directions and advise.

Make sure the car is cool unless you have a deathwish. You need a large
adjustable wrench. Look fer the big sucker on the underside of where yer
upper radiator hose enters the head. unplug the connector, loosen the
thermoswitch and have the other one ready. As soon as it comes out, slap the
other one in there and tighten it down. Smoothly done, you lose about 1/2
cup. I've done them hot - its exciting!

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