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Re: How dry I am... (aka AWD perform

> I think this is exactly the point. Since the torque is split between
> four tire contact patches instead of two, you can get more power down
> faster, at the adhesion limit, exiting the corner with more speed.

In a steady-state corner, such as driving in circles on a skidpad, getting
the power down doesn't really enter into the situation ... what you say is
certainly correct but that's beside the point: A quattro won't go around a
corner much, if any quicker than the same car with just FWD.  Yes, you can
brake late and enter the corner a bit faster then get on the power earlier
and leave a bit harder but there's very little difference between the cars
during that brief bit in the middle ... not zero difference but very, very

I only bring this up because I keep hearing about how much better quattros
"corner" and just wanted to clarify things ... old technical editors don't
retire, they just move on to pick nits somewhere else!

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