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Re: A4 remote locks

In article <9702050608.AA09801@bazooka.amb.org> you write:
>JET writes:
>> I bought my A4 without factory installed remote locks too.  The dealer
>> had the local stereo/car alarm place put them in for $100,
>An interesting feature with the factory remote locking system is
>that if you unlock the car with the remote, and then not open a
>door (or trunk) within a set amount of time (30 seconds, I think),
>the system automatically re-locks itself.

Agreed, when it works the effect is immediate and I can't see any reason
for it to be otherwise.  We've had a lot of problems with our frob not
working though -- about 5% of the time it won't unlock or lock the car
no matter what we do, unless we use the key.  <shrug>

Most after-market alarms should be able to do this.  I got a system for
my RX-7 quite a few years ago that was around $100 that included this
feature (though it needed 2 external relays to actually work).  However,
I would recommend you stay away from Viper alarms.  It's the #1 alarm I've
seen falsing, far more than any other alarm.  They're very distinctive
because they have about half a dozen sounds and they cycle through them.
VERY stupid...

I'd also highly recommend something that can be set up to silent arm and
disarm.  Most alarms feel it necessary to beep when locking and unlocking.
When you're leaving your friends house at 2am, it's kind of annoying.  Plus,
if anyone were to find/steal your keys, they just have to go around the
parking lot pressing the button and listening for the beep.

The Audi system beeps only on locking and is silent on unlock.  If you want to
make sure it's locked, press the lock again and the lights just flash.
As mentioned, if you unlock the car with the remote, and don't open a door
within a minute, it will re-lock itself.  Also, the trunk is on a seperate
system, and if you open the trunk with the key, it re-locks itself within
5 seconds and re-arms the trunk when it's closed.  The rest of the alarm
stays active.

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